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Worldwide Foam XLPE Buns

Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)  is a high-density closed cell foam characterized by a compact feel and water resistance that allows the material to be manufactured, thermoformed or compression molded in many ways.

We carry a wide range of rolls XLPE and EVA variation of 1.5 lb / ft 3   to 15 lbs / ft  3 of  density. They are available in charcoal, gray, white, natural, black, red, lime green, blue, yellow, and lavender. All materials are in stock for immediate dispatch! Our XLPE and EVA rolls meet FMVSS-302 requirement and are Reach and ROHS compliant.

Zotefoams Azote Series

Worldwide Foam is proud to announce our agreement with Zotefoams to become its first and only North American Platinum Distributor. Zotefoams is the world's leading manufacturer of cross-linked polyethylene block foams. This partnership enables WF to offer low VOC, chemical free and readily available products to the North American market. All of our 5 US warehouses will stock more than 40 Zotefoams products ready to ship.


Worldcell®️ is a foamed microcellular extruded polypropylene sheet that provides excellent surface protection. It is an ideal material for abrasion sensitive parts used in returnable packaging. Compared to other plastic sheet materials, as well as the Corrugated plastic traditionally used in stowage, Worldcell®️ provides unexposed grooves, increased strength consistency in all directions, and Class "A" "surface friendly protection". 

Sealed Air

El ETHAFOAM® is a high performance extruded closed cell polyethylene foam that is manufactured to meet the highest quality and environmental standards. ETHAFOAM® is designed to consistently meet the shipping, storage and handling requirements for industrial and military applications. STRATOCELL® is a hot rolled PE plank that provides high cost effectiveness and exceptional protection for a wide range of packaging and non-packaging applications.

Elastomeric Foam


Precision Skiving

Skiving is a horizontal splitting technique that uses a sharp knife to cut thin layers from larger buns to achieve desired thickness.

Heat Lamination

We offer an additional service to our network of manufacturers. Now we can heat laminated polyolefin foams to bond along the sheets.


PSA application

We can apply pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) both on foam sheets and on buns.

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