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| January 24, 2023

Avoid Metal Corrosion with EPDM foams

For many years, EPDM has been widely used in gasketing applications where it's exposed to harsh outdoor elements for an extended period of time. EPDM is selected for these applications due to its physical properties to resist heat and UV exposure. However, most EPDMs contain sulfur which can corrode a variety of materials such as copper, silver, and other metal components. Sulfur corrosion will inevitably cause failures in electrical devices.

To avoid this corrosion, Worldwide Foam offers our own set of sulfur-free foams that are ideal to use in automotive lighting, electronic enclosures and semiconductors. Our EPDM 5420 and 5440 foams are peroxide-cured, which reduces the potential harm done to metal components. Both materials have good heat and ozone resistance of 48h/200pphm, per ASTM D1149.

EPDM foam