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We offer four complementary services that will help your order arrive at your facility ready to use. These services permit the handling and/or transformation of foam rolls or blocks according to each client’s requirements and the increase of efficiency in productive processes.

Heat Lamination

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By passing the materials through a heated blade, the heat melts the foam surface, turning it into a sticky substance that basically acts as an adhesive and creates a permanent fusion. It is more cost-effective and has better performance than a glue or adhesive. Various materials, densities and colors can be combined to create multi-layered compound sheets.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesion (PSA)


We offer a wide array of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) which adapt to various applications. We can laminate PSA in foam sheets and rolls or we can supply only the adhesive, as the customer requires.

F&K Loopers

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Our last generation F&K Loopers can cut through different widths and lengths of rolls, customized to meet client requirements for their equipment and applications. Longer rolls translate into lower costs, faster speeds and higher sales volume per hour of operation.

The F&K Loppers also allow us to turn sheets into continuous rolls by fusing materials using heat or glue.

Dense Foam Cutting (Skiving)


Dense foam cutting (or skiving) functions take place by compacting material between two rolls to then guide it through a fixed ultra-sharp blade. The width is controlled through the relative distance between the rolls and the blade and the level of compression required to direct the foam through the blade. Dividing / beveling with rolls allows for processing large quantities of work faster and the handling of higher-density materials.