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| January 11, 2024

Low costs with extruded PE

In the general application of packaging and wrapping, the density-strength relationship is one of the most important factors when choosing protective and cushioning materials. That's why extruded PE foam is rapidly gaining popularity.

Extruded PE offers a unique combination of lightweight strength, versatility, and impact absorption. It has an impressive density-strength ratio, which means it provides excellent protection while keeping the packaging light and easy to handle. This translates into cost savings in shipping and a lower environmental impact.

Here are some common applications where extruded PE foam stands out:

Internal Filling: The inserts conform to the shape of the product, providing shock absorption and preventing damage during transport.

Edge and Corner Protection: PE foam strips or blocks protect vulnerable areas of your product from bumps and impacts.

Thermal Insulation: Helps maintain desired temperatures during transportation and storage, especially for temperature-sensitive products like food and pharmaceuticals.

Acoustic Insulation: Dampens noise and vibrations, contributing to a quieter transportation experience and protecting fragile products from sound damage.

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