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| September 26, 2023

Partial orders. Quick responses. Save time and money

Our business alliance with Sealed Air allows us to meet the needs of PE users when they need it, without having to commit to a full truck order. You can get Sealed Air's PE blocks and sheets at our Silao division with no minimum order quantity. Additionally, you can combine shipping by mixing PE with other materials from our wide product range. Free up valuable warehouse space that was previously occupied by dense, low-cost PE materials and only order what you need for your projects through WF.

We offer Sealed Air® Ethafoam®, which is a durable, flexible, and closed-cell foam that provides superior damage protection and optimal cushioning against repeated impacts. It's available in a wide range of densities (1.7 lb to 9 lb) to meet shipping, storage, and handling requirements in industrial and military applications.

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