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| April 21, 2023

Our Commitment to Sustainable Business Practices

At Worldwide Foam, we recognize that our business activities have an impact on the environment and society, and we are committed to sustainable business practices. ​

We are dedicated to promoting economic growth while protecting the environment and improving the well-being of our stakeholders. ​We believe that these efforts will not only help to protect the planet but will also create long-term value for our customers.​


  • We offer crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) materials in a wide variety of sizes for customers to choose from. Customers have the flexibility to choose the best yielding size to maximize their profitability and minimize production scraps.
  • The Looping process allows us to create custom length rolls, which increases our customers’ production throughput and decreases material waste.
  • High precision heat laminators and pressure sensitive laminators are used to achieve better edge alignment, which translates to more usable materials and less material waste
  • Silao, Mexico warehouse incorporated our first skylight building to reduce energy consumption by utilizing nature light to illuminate the workspace. The rest of our warehouse buildings are planned to follow suit in the near future.
  • All WF warehouse buildings are equipped with motion sensor activated lights to reduce unnecessary energy waste.


  • Laminate falloff foam sheets to create usable buns​
  • Our customers repurpose XLPE skins as sacrificial materials to minimize the effects of splash back ​
  • In house pallet repair shop to fix and reuse old pallets​


  • Recycle XLPE trim and end-of-life components from our customers to be repurposed.​
  • Scrap collection hubs in Indiana and Georgia locations.​
  • Foam shredder in our Indiana facility to increase the efficiency of our recycling process​

Materials With Recycled Content


  • BEST material for returnable packaging. XLPE foam found in containers, totes, trays, and dunnage can withstand the rough handling of a typical logistics system. On average, returnable/reusable packaging using XLPE foam has a lifecycle of 5-7 years. This means there are no new packaging materials introduced in circulation during this lifespan
  • We offer multiple collection points to recycle scraps, trims, and end of life components
  • 30% recycled content XLPE in single stage materials available



  • EcoZote is made out of 30% recycled content
  • Proprietary foaming process that does not content chemical foaming agents
  • We offer multiple collection points to recycle scraps, trims, and end of life components

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)

Our top three rubber-based PSAs have been recognized as USDA Bio Preferred, achieving the minimum 24% bio-based content.

Sealed Air

A wide array of Recycled Content and High Recycled Content PE materials

Shipping and logistics

Worldwide Foam recognizes the impacts carbon emissions from freight cause on the environment and is dedicated to being a leader in finding greener ways to handle the logistics of material handling.​

  • Optimize shipping efficiency with multiple strategic locations across North America​
  • Multi-shipment consolidation, which combines multiple orders going to the same destination into one convenient shipment. ​
  • Partner with sustainability conscious carriers that participate in shared truckloads where possible to lower carbon emissions​
  • Digital first approach to paperwork and documentation with a goal of being 100% paperless where possible​
shipping and logistics

Continuous Improvement

We are continuously improving our operations to achieve carbon neutralization and conserve natural resources. We invest in renewable energy sources and implement energy-efficient practices to minimize our greenhouse gas emissions. Since 2018, we have achieved ZERO XLPE scrap to landfill.

For more information you can download our sustainability presentation here.