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| April 25, 2023

Our ESD foams inventory

Irradiation crosslinked and chemically crosslinked rolls are now available in Silao's warehouse!

In response to the increasing demand for ESD materials, we are expanding at Worldwide Foam our commercial ESD offerings to include Zotefoams LD-32C (2 lb/ft3) and LD-50C (4 lb/ft3). Both of these materials use the proprietary nitrogen expansion process which gives the material a fine cell structure and low VOC levels. Both materials have a surface resistivity of 103 to 105.

Complementing the XLPE options, PL-17-AS is a Sealed Air brand ESD extruded polyethylene (PE) foam. This antistatic PE has an added temporary property that inhibits the accumulation of electrical charge by rubbing or contact with another material. ESD foams are an essential material to prevent static charge and protect electronic equipment and components.

We have the right ESD materials for your packing and packaging project. Contact us for a sample today!

Would you like to learn more about static control? See our whitepaper for information.

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