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| March 01, 2024

PSA ADMUC-Butyl for Gasket Applications

The ADMUC Butyl PSA is a revolutionary rubber-based adhesive system designed for high-speed gasket cutting. It offers exceptional performance and ease of use, making it the ideal choice for various applications.

Key benefits of ADMUC Butyl:

Unique adhesive formula: Ensures clean cuts and prevents rework for efficient production.

Reinforcement carrier: Provides stability to materials and minimizes adhesive build-up on cutting tools.

Exceptional adhesion: Firmly adheres to various foams (EPDM, polyolefin, neoprene, vinyl, polyurethane) and automotive substrates (steel, ABS, PP, TPO).

Superior resistance: Withstands extreme temperatures, maintains flexibility at low temperatures, and offers excellent moisture resistance.

Combined with our crushed EPDM foams, ADMUC Butyl materials meet the stringent TSK-6505G 2A2 specification, ensuring quality and performance.

Contact us for your next gasket project and experience the difference!