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| March 21, 2024

Answers to your questions about EPDM EM-41

Q. What is the difference between EM-41 and 3091?
The 3091 is a premium EPDM 2A1 that meets most of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications and is widely used in automotive applications. The EM-41 is a commercial grade EPDM 2A1 that can be used in various applications where automotive specifications are not required.

Q. What are the common applications for EM-41?
General gaskets, construction seals, electronic device enclosures, and HVAC systems.

Q. Does EM-41-UL pass the UL-94 flammability test?
EM-41-UL meets the requirements of the UL-94-HF-1 flammability test. However, it is not listed on the "yellow card".

Q. What is the size and does it yield more?
The EM-41 series comes in a nominal thickness of 5 cm x a width of 140 cm x a length of 218 cm. The useful thickness of 5 cm allows for better performance, resulting in lower costs. Check out our blog for more information on EM-41 foam.