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| January 01, 2020

AZOTE® is an expert in foam for transit packaging

Looking for an ideal transit packaging foam? AZOTE® Zotefoam is the answer.

In North America, there are a few places to purchase the AZOTE® brand. However, there is only one verified Platinum distributor.

Worldwide Foam is the Platinum AZOTE® Foam distributor in North America.

Worldwide Foam offers many types, varieties, and branded foam products. Among those brands is Zotefoam.

In fact, we recently announced our agreement with Zotefoams PLC in which Worldwide Foam became the first and only Platinum Distributor in North America for the Zotefoam product brand.

Zotefoams PLC is the world's leading manufacturer of cross-linked polyethylene foam blocks.

Thanks to our partnership with them, Worldwide Foam can offer low-VOC, chemical-free products that are easily available in the North American market.

That's great news for end-user products that require high indoor air quality, such as medical device packaging.

All five of our warehouses based in the United States maintain a stock of over 40 ready-to-ship Zotefoams branded products.

During the end of 2019, at Worldwide Foam we worked tirelessly to increase our inventory of Zotefoams at our Elkhart, Indiana facilities.

This location currently has the following Zotefoam products in stock:

  • LD-24
  • LD-24-FR
  • LD-29
  • LD-30
  • LD-30-SD
  • LD-32-CN
  • LD-33
  • LD-45
  • LD-45-FR
  • LD-50-CN
  • LD-60
  • EVZ-45-CN
  • EVZ-50
  • HD-30
  • HD-80
  • HD-110

Product specification for all these styles of Zotefoam can be found on the "Product Specifications" page of the Worldwide Foam website.

Did someone say "colored foam"?

That's right. When it comes to colored XLPE foam, no one comes close to Zotefoams.This is partly due to AZOTE® Zotefoam.AZOTE® Zotefoam is the trade name for the Zotefoams group's cross-linked polyolefin closed-cell foams.In other words, high-quality foams made from different base polymers but all manufactured using unique autoclave processes.And, best of all, Worldwide Foam stocks a variety of Zotefoams colors in their warehouses.

Applications of AZOTE® Zotefoams

AZOTE® was formerly used as a name for nitrogen and is still used by French chemists to refer to the element.

The exceptional properties of AZOTE® foams are directly derived from the use of this inert, tasteless, and odorless gas in the manufacturing process.

The common applications of the AZOTE® brand of Zotefoam are: 

  • Seals and gaskets. 
  • Aviation. Electronics. 
  • Sporting equipment where consistent density improves predictability of performance. 
  • Packaging. 
  • Finished components that hold their shape better and longer. 
  • Sports mats. 
  • Industrial knee pads. 
  • Museums/Galleries - Transit protection. 

AZOTE® Adapt: closed-cell cross-linked PE foams.

The characteristics of AZOTE® foams are:

  • consistent cell structure and size
  • exceptional purity 
  • exceptional isotropic physical performance
  • Extremely low odor.

Each AZOTE® foam offered by Worldwide Foam is formulated to meet a specific range of applications.

Due to the mechanical characteristics of this foam, such as impact absorption, AZOTE® Zotefoam represents the best solution in its class.

This is especially true for manufacturers, foam fabricators, and processors with critical product specification needs.

These specifications include:

  • color consistency
  • ease and consistency in manufacturing
  • uniform density
  • predictability in performance
  • The unique nitrogen expansion process results in consistency in cell structure and a variety of vivid colors.

In addition, the AZOTE® XLPE series is ideal for tool control, suitcase inserts, healthcare, and medical packaging applications.

These applications typically require color to quickly identify tools and equipment, as well as indoor air quality foam products.

Looking for a uniform and vibrant colored foam, the AZOTE® series is in stock for immediate shipment.

Here is the list of LD foams we have in stock: 

  • LD30: red, turquoise, yellow, blue, white, and black 
  • LD33 – Green, hot pink, and white 
  • LD45: blue, gray, red, yellow, white, and black As Worldwide Foam has added so many Zotefoams color options, we have chosen to discontinue color selections for the 2-pound XP series.

Please note not all Zotefoams SKUs are listed above.  Therefore, be sure to contact us for a complete list of Zotefoams products.

Also, look for information on all available sizes.

When Fire Retardant Foam is Required

Now, before all Zotefoam products get you excited, it should be noted that not all Zotefoams are fire retardant foams.

Therefore, it is important to know if your application requires a fire retardant foam product, look for "FR" in the product SKU.

Worldwide Foam will continue to receive more shipments of Zotefoams. And we are exploring FR foam options in addition to what we currently have in our warehouses.

All traditional and fire retardant Zotefoam products will be stocked according to geographical demands.

How and Where to Buy Zotefoam's AZOTE® Foam?

You can contact us, Worldwide Foam directly.

Therefore, if you are an existing customer, please note that real-time Zotefoam inventory is available on the customer portal.

Our goal of being a Platinum Distributor is to make Zotefoams more accessible.

All foam manufacturers in the US will be happy to do business with Worldwide Foam.

Are you interested in becoming a customer of Worldwide Foam?

Do you need more details on the stocked item?

Please contact us at info [AT] worldwidefoam.com.

Get a Sample

To make your selection process easier, we now offer a Zotefoams sample kit.These sample kits contain a wide range of AZOTE® XLPE products.

Contact us if you would like to receive a Zotefoams AZOTE® sample kit!

Once again, we remind existing customers that our complete inventory list of Zotefoams is available on the customer login portal.

You can access it anytime and anywhere!

It's that easy, fast, and straightforward.

Don't have access to it?

Contact our customer service team to access the login.

Get your Zotefoams Azote Series sample kit today!