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| August 16, 2021

Azote Zotefoams: Closed-cell polyethylene foam

As a Zotefoams platinum distributor, Worldwide Foam has been supplying Zotefoams Azote foam series to the United States and Canada since 2018 and Mexico since 2020. Our goal is to make premium XLPE foam readily available to all manufacturers throughout North America. So now you can get Zotefoams from our Silao, Mexico warehouse!

Apart from the Azote series, we have the exclusive product of WF, 1.9 WZ XLPE, it has a better cost / benefit ratio and is made in a more friendly way for the manufacturer than traditional Zotefoam foams. Available in 4 different colors, this unique WF product offers all the high performance advantages of Zotefoams such as no VOC's emissions, consistent cell structure and density, malleability, vibrant colors and superior performance at a lighter weight than common XLPE products.

All of the above makes them a great option for a wide range of applications:

Our new available and exclusive products are the following:

  • WZ-30-2-48-80-BK, 1.9 lb/fb3, 2x48x80, Black

  • WZ-30-2-48-80-BU, 1.9 lb/fb3, 2x48x80, Blue

  • WZ-30-2-48-80-RD, 1.9 lb/fb3, 2x48x80, Red

  • WZ-30-2-48-80-YL, 1.9 lb/fb3, 2x48x80, Yellow.