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Kenichy Pillado

| March 01, 2024

In the household appliance industry, safeguarding products during transport and storage is a critical factor in ensuring customer satisfaction and business profitability.

Packaging materials play a pivotal role in this aspect, and among them, elastomeric foam has gained increasing popularity due to its numerous advantages.

In this blog, Worldwide Foam, a leading manufacturer of closed-cell polyethylene foams and elastomers, invites you to delve into the properties and benefits of elastomeric foam in appliance packaging.

What is elastomeric foam?

Elastomeric foam, also known as elastomers, is a polymer that can deform under a force greater than its strength but has the ability to regain its original shape once the force is removed. This property, known as elasticity, makes them ideal materials for a wide range of applications, particularly in packaging.

Types of elastomeric foam

There are several types of elastomers, each with its own characteristics and benefits. Among the most commonly used in the household appliance industry are the following.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Diene Monomer)

It is a high-density elastomer with excellent water, weather, and ozone resistance properties. It also provides good resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber)

SBR is a low-density elastomer with good flexibility and fatigue resistance. It is an economical and versatile option for household appliance packaging.

NR (Natural Rubber)

It is a high mechanical resistance and flexible elastomer that offers good resistance to abrasion and impacts.

EPDM Foam: The ideal solution for packaging household appliances

EPDM foam (Ethylene Propylene Diene Diene Monomer) is a low-density elastomer that has become one of the most popular choices for packaging household appliances. Among its main advantages, we can highlight the following.

Excellent protection

EPDM foam provides a high shock absorption capacity, protecting appliances from damage during transportation and storage.


The low density of EPDM foam reduces the weight of the packaging, resulting in savings in transportation and storage costs.


EPDM foam adapts to the shape of appliances, providing customized protection.


EPDM foam is resistant to water, weathering, and chemicals, making it ideal for use in demanding environmental conditions.

Benefits of using elastomeric foam in appliance packaging

The use of elastomers, on the other hand, in the packaging of household appliances offers a number of benefits for companies, among which we can highlight.

Damage reduction

The high shock absorption capacity of elastomeric foam helps significantly reduce the risk of damage to appliances during transportation and storage.

Cost reduction

Thanks to its lightness and flexibility, elastomeric foam optimizes packaging, resulting in savings in material and transportation costs.

Improved customer satisfaction

Effective protection of appliances during transportation and storage translates into enhanced end customer satisfaction. Additionally, they are perfect for transporting appliances as they shield them from rattling or squeaking, a feature that makes them an ideal material for protection.

Elastomers, especially EPDM foam and elastomeric foam, have become ideal solutions for appliance packaging due to their excellent protective properties, lightweight, flexibility, and durability. Moreover, they have the ability to prevent clunking or rattling.

Their use can assist companies in reducing damage, optimizing costs, enhancing customer satisfaction, and contributing to environmental stewardship. At Worldwide Foam, we offer a broad range of solutions in elastomeric foam, EPDM foam, and many other materials, including closed-cell foams for packaging household appliances and numerous other products.

We have a team of highly qualified experts who can guide you in selecting the best option for your specific needs. If you want to learn more about the different types of existing materials that can serve you, visit our blog, where you will find updated information. Alternatively, contact us to provide you with the right product for your needs and budget.

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