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| February 07, 2020

Better sizes and price

Worldwide Foam is pleased to introduce the new exclusive 1.9 lb/ft3 Zotefoams. It's more cost effective and with a friendlier size than traditional Zotefoams!

Available in 5 different colors, this unique new product will offer all the high performance advantages of Zotefoams with no VOCs, consistent cell structure and density, moldability, vibrant colors and superior performance at a lighter weight than traditional XLPE products. All of this makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

The new exclusive product from Worldwide Foam is available in the following SKUs:

  • WZ-30-2-48-80-BK, 1.9lb/fb3, 2x48x80, black

  • WZ-30-2-48-80-WH*, 1.9lb/fb3, 2x48x80, white

  • WZ-30-2-48-80-BU, 1.9lb/fb3, 2x48x80, blue

  • WZ-30-2-48-80-RD, 1.9lb/fb3, 2x48x80, red

  • WZ-30-2-48-80-YL, 1.9lb/fb3, 2x48x80, yellow

* Limited stock

Contact us today if you need a quote and/or samples of these new product, and to learn about Zote's complete line of exclusive products including EVA, conductive foams, static dissipative, flame retardant, and high-density foams