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Kenichy Pillado

| May 06, 2024

Innovation and efficiency are key components in foam manufacturing, as they serve one of the most important purposes: product protection. Thanks to technology, there's now a wide variety of protective foams aiding in storing and transporting products, including specific varieties tailored for different product types or industries.

But what exactly is elastomeric foam, and why should it be considered essential in the appliance industry?

In this article, we'll delve into elastomeric foam and elastomeric foam polyethylene sheeting, exploring its numerous benefits, from splitting to electrical resistance, that render it an indispensable resource in appliance manufacturing, storage, and transportation.

What is elastomeric foam?

Elastomeric foam is a versatile and durable material used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. It is composed primarily of elastomeric polymers, which give it unique properties of elasticity and strength.

One of the most common forms of elastomeric foam is elastomeric foam polyethylene, which is produced by a process of extrusion and controlled expansion of polyethylene.

Polyethylene elastomeric foam sheet: features and benefits

Polyethylene elastomeric foam sheets are a specific type of elastomeric foam that comes in the form of sheets or rolls. These sheets are characterized by their closed cell structure, which provides excellent water and moisture resistance, making them ideal for use in wet environments.

Target cuts

The splitting and skiving process produces polyethylene elastomeric foam sheets with uniform thickness and a smooth surface. This is crucial to ensure easy and trouble-free installation, as well as an aesthetic appearance in applications where appearance is important.


Polyethylene elastomeric foam sheets exhibit remarkable dimensional tolerance, meaning they maintain their dimensions and physical properties even under extreme temperature and humidity conditions. This makes them ideal for applications requiring consistent accuracy and reliability.

Variety and types of elastomeric foams

Cross-linked low-density polyethylene (XLPE Foam) is a type of elastomeric foam characterized by its cross-linked cell structure. This structure provides increased compressive strength and wear resistance, making it ideal for applications requiring exceptional durability, such as packaging and protecting household appliances during transportation and storage.

High impact resistance

Elastomeric foam, including polyethylene sheets, offers excellent shock and vibration absorption capabilities, helping to protect appliances from damage during handling and transportation. This is particularly crucial in the appliance industry, where maintaining product integrity throughout the distribution process is essential.

Electrical resistance

Elastomeric foam, including polyethylene sheets, exhibits unparalleled electrical resistance, making it ideal for applications requiring electrical insulation or protection against electrostatic discharge. In the appliance industry, where electrical safety is paramount, this attribute is invaluable.

Importance in the appliance industry

Given their wide range of benefits and unique properties, polyethylene elastomeric foam sheets play a crucial role in the manufacture, storage, and transportation of household appliances. Here are a few reasons why elastomeric foam is essential in this industry:

Protection during transportation

The shock-absorbing capacity and compressive strength of elastomeric foam ensure that appliances arrive at their final destination in optimal condition, without damage or deformation.

Ease of installation

Thanks to their flexible structure and ability to adapt to different shapes and sizes, elastomeric foam polyethylene sheets are easy to handle and install in a variety of applications, reducing time and labor costs.

Elastomeric foam, particularly elastomeric foam polyethylene sheets, play an indispensable role in the appliance industry, providing a unique combination of protection, insulation, and ease of handling that significantly contributes to the quality and reliability of end products.

From protection during transportation to thermal insulation and corrosion resistance, elastomeric foam is truly the essential component that ensures the optimal performance and longevity of modern household appliances.

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