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| November 07, 2019

Get more out of your foam

As a supplier of materials, we regularly discuss prices with customers. Most purchasing agents are well aware of what their footer cost is and use it as a basis for comparison between vendors. While we don't minimize their importance, we believe that an equally important aspect of this is maximizing the efficiency of the material you purchase. In doing this, there are two important components when it comes to two-dimensional CNC foam cutting.

1. Choosing the Right Material Size – Worldwide Foam offers 4 sizes in key densities to allow customers to maximize performance efficiency. We have a simple online tool that allows you to do a simple analysis on what size is right for what job. The output is in square feet per piece to allow you to easily determine what size works best. As an example below, a 3” x 15” part returns 6% more performance on a 60 x 96 compared to the widely used 48 x 96. Repeated over and over again, these kinds of savings can really add up.

2. Auto Nesting – This feature is available in most CAD/CAM programs. By nesting multiple parts in similar materials and thicknesses, you can boost your throughputs and improve overall shop productivity. Additionally, many of the most advanced software systems (Sigmanest, IGEMS) can further reduce material usage and cutting time by applying advanced cutting techniques.