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| January 08, 2023

How to get out of a sticky situation?

We streamlined our PSA offerings to help you make sense of the wide variety of PSAs available. To assist you in quickly determining the right adhesive, here is a quick guideline arranged by the construction of the products, adhesive type, and service grade.

Do I need Acrylic or Rubber or Butyl?

Rubber based adhesives are appropriate for shorter-term, general-purpose applications where chemical, temperature and UV resistance are not a concern, and cost is a key driver.

On the other hand, acrylic based adhesives are designed for long term bonding applications where chemical, temperature, and UV resistance are required. Acrylic adhesives will have a lower initial bond and strengthen over time. Butyl based adhesives have excellent low temperature flexibility, and very high UV and moisture resistance. It is suitable for long-term outdoor applications

Do I need Double coated tape or Transfer tape?

Double coated tapes have a carrier coated on both sides with adhesive. The carrier stabilizes the adhesive for improved handling and adds thickness. Some specialized double coated tapes have different adhesives on either side (differential double coated tapes).

Transfer tapes are constructed with a single layer of adhesive without a carrier, although some are reinforced with scrim. They are appropriate in applications with irregular surfaces or situations which require flexibility and stretching.

What Service Grade Do I Need?

  • Value – economical options for cost driven applications

  • Mid-grade – provides good bond with reasonable costs, generally heavier adhesive coat weights and/or thicker release liners

  • Performance – Aggressive bond on a wide variety of surfaces in more challenging applications Customers have the option to order full adhesive rolls, narrow width tapes, or applied to foam sheets/rolls.

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