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| July 27, 2022

Polyethylene foam for packaging

Polyethylene foam is flexible, shock absorbing, vibration damping and insulating. Closed cell foam is extruded primarily as a protective material. A particular type of polyethylene foam is known as Ethafoam, which has exceptional shock absorption qualities.

Cross-linked polyethylene, or XLPE, is chemically and physically resistant. 

Polyethylene foam is used in various sectors of the industry with multiple uses such as handling, packaging and shipping sporting goods, electronics, tools, car parts, among others.

In packaging, polyethylene foam helps to cushion or fill a void. It is an extremely versatile option to use as it can be cut and sectioned in any way desired and most convenient for use.

At Worldwide Foam we have various foams such as Ethafoam, Zotefoams, XLPE with a wide variety of densities ideal for any use that our customers require, in addition to having the largest inventory of foams in North America without the need for minimum purchases.