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| June 08, 2021

Static Control Foam

Better Size! Better Cost!

At Worldwide Foam, we are excited to introduce our new and exclusive 1.9lb/ft3 Zotefoam product that is more cost-effective and available in a more manufacturer-friendly size. This innovative product is available in 4 colors and offers all the high-performance advantages of Zotefoam such as no VOCs, consistent cell structure and density, pliability, vibrant colors, and superior performance at a lighter weight than traditional XLPE products. All of this makes it a great choice for a wide variety of applications.

This new product is available in the following SKUs:

WZ-30-2-48-80-BK, 1.9lb/ft3, 2"x48"x80", Black WZ-30-2-48-80-BU, 1.9lb/ft3, 2"x48"x80", Blue WZ-30-2-48-80-RD, 1.9lb/ft3, 2"x48"x80", Red WZ-30-2-48-80-YL, 1.9lb/ft3, 2"x48"x80", Yellow

Contact us today for quotes and samples of these innovative products as well as the full line of unique "Zote Foam" products that can include EVAs, conductive, static dissipative, flame retardant, and high-density foams. info@worldwidefoam.com.mx