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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Standard stock and cut sheets will generally ship with a 1-day lead time. PSA, thermal lamination, and cut-to-thickness typically have a lead time of 3–5 days for in-stock items.

We do not ship for orders under $35,000 USD. However, we have business partners who can support you with shipping.

The 53' and 102 in wide trucks can carry up to 300 blocks of 4 in thick

To place an order contact our customer service at info@worldwidefoam.com.mx or by phone +52 (477) 571 0033

Orders can be placed from one sheet, but there is a $50 USD processing fee on orders under $500 USD. Contact us today for more information.

No, we don't. We have different competitive pricing tiers based on total annual volume. We also have annual contracts that give you a fixed price for the whole year. For more information, please contact our customer service.

If certain quantities are reached, we can make a custom foam run.


-100 sheets at least 4 "x 48" x 96 "or equivalent
- Delivery time of at least 8-10 weeks
- Price increase of at least 10%

Please get in touch with us for more details.

We stock XLPE in densities from 1.5lb to 15lb - we stock most densities in gray or charcoal.

For 2 lb: 48x72 in, 48x96 in, and 60x96 in

For 4 lb: 48x96 in, and 48x72 in

For 6 lb: 48x96 in, and 60x96 in

Please contact us for more details.

Most of the tools that can be used to make wood can also be used to cut our foam. These include table saws, band saws, table milling, water jet, laser cut and CNC etc.

A 20% restocking fee, and the material is required to be delivered back to our facility.

We stock 3lb static control XLPEs with a measured surface resistivity of 10 5 to 10 9 ohmios. For more information on static control materials, see the documento técnico sobre espuma de control estático.